Lessons learned in 4-H help with caring for animals

4-H is a youth organization for kindergarten through 12th grade that’s not just in Jackson County but in counties throughout the United States.

4-H is even international and can be found in countries worldwide. 4-H is open to anyone, including urban, country and everything in between. It teaches responsibility, communication, hard work, time management and many more life skills. I’ve learned how to manage work on the farm, school and sports while participating in 4-H.

When I got up Tuesday morning, I went to the farm, where I cared for my animals. Once the animals were cared for, we loaded a few more supplies for the fair and then loaded 12 animals onto our trailer.

After arriving at the fair, we soon began washing all of the 12 animals and set up automatic waterers. Later, the animals were fed again and given hay throughout the day. My family and I regularly watched for manure throughout the day to keep the animals clean.

Later in the day, my family and I prepared for the cows that will be coming this morning.

Ryland Nierman, 18, of Brownstown is a Jackson County 4-H member sharing his experience at the Jackson County Fair with Tribune readers. Send comments to [email protected].