Athletes of the 4-H fair: Kaylyn Holman

Name: Kaylyn Holman

Grade: Sophomore

School: Crothersville

Sports: Track and cross country

Number of years involved in 4-H: 2

Q: How do you balance your sports and 4-H responsibilities?

A: “When it’s during sports season, I try to put my sports first. Then when conditioning comes, I work on the projects. The summer is when it’s primarily 4-H time, though. Sometimes, the goats will want to practice with me when I run. They like to join also.”

Q: What is your typical schedule like during the summer when it comes to 4-H and sports?

A: “On average, I will do a morning run and then water and take care of the animals. Later in the evening is when it’s cooled down. I’ll walk my goats, do an evening water of the plants and then by the time that’s all over, it’ll be time for bed. “

Q: Why are you involved in both 4-H and athletics?

A: ”I have been in sports since sixth grade, but I’ve always wanted to be in 4-H and show goats, so when I moved to our farm, we got three goats, and that year, I showed one. Now this year, we have 19, and we are showing nine.”

Q: What is something you’ve learned from 4-H that translates to your sport or vice versa?

A: “Having good sportsmanship if I didn’t like the place I got on my project or the place I got in a meet. You should accept your place and congratulate the people who participate. Then next time, you will just need to try harder.”

Q: Why would you encourage someone in 4-H to also participate in athletics?

A: “They are both fun and helpful for when you get to the world. Sports will teach you how to be on a team and how to care for others, while 4-H can teach you how to be independent and accomplish something on your own.”