Pay raises approved for some Medora school classified employees


Hourly classified employees and the treasurer of Medora Community School Corp. are set to receive pay increases.

The board of trustees unanimously approved both recommendations from Superintendent Roger Bane during a meeting Monday night in the school library.

The hourly workers, including the two cleaning personnel, those who help clean in the summer and a cafeteria assistant, will receive 50-cent increases to make their pay $10 per hour.

Corporation treasurer Teresa Brewer received a $1,000 increase to her contract.

Bane said the pay rate for the school’s five instructional aides will remain at $12,000 apiece. He said two are in place now and three others are in the process of being hired.

There will be no pay increases for the school’s bus drivers, but Bane said one route is being added for a pickup point. He said he is going to do the route, which will have pickup points at Millport and Brownstown and near the old state highway department at the intersection of U.S. 50 and State Road 135. If a pickup point is needed near State Road 446, Bane said that would be added to Amy Blair’s Bus 6 route.

Also during Monday’s meeting, trustees approved teacher appreciation grants for the 2018-19 school year. The corporation receives grant money from the Indiana Department of Education to present to teachers who meet three criteria.

That includes those employed in a classroom or who directly provide education in a virtual classroom setting, those receiving a highly effective or effective rating on their most recently completed performance evaluation and those employed on Dec. 1 of the year the corporation receives the teacher appreciation grant money.

Teachers rated effective receive a stipend determined by the superintendent, and those rated highly effective receive 25% more than the effective teachers.

“That’s law. It has to be at least 25% more,” Bane said. “Then we have to distribute that within 20 business days of when we receive the grant.”

Bane said the grant money usually is distributed in late November or early December.

The collective bargaining process for teachers’ salaries for 2019-20 will start after the student count in mid-September.