Detective completes homicide training

Jackson County Crime Scene Detective Bob Lucas recently attended and completed a one-week training course on homicide and major investigations at Butler University in Indianapolis.

The intense training was led by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, according to a news release from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. Their experienced instructors are still actively involved in the field.

The course included hands-on scenarios and classroom work that focused on initial response to a scene, case development, approaching scenes, digital device technology, DNA and fingerprinting, news media relations, child abuse injuries, death investigations, firearm e-trace data, helping traumatized witnesses, crime scene processing, interviews and interrogation, fatal arson investigations and more.

Lucas, who has been a crime scene detective for 13 years, said this training is one of the best he has attended in his 20-year career as a full-time police officer. He learned of the training after it was recommended to him by Sheriff Rick Meyer.