Indiana Grown showcases locally sourced products

Hoosiers spend $16 billion a year buying food, but less than 10 percent of that amount goes toward locally sourced products. With Indiana Grown, consumers can better identify and purchase products grown, raised, produced and processed in our state, while members receive free assistance with marketing their locally made goods.

Whether shopping online or visiting a kiosk, grocery store, restaurant, farmers market, winery or brewery, consumers may spot an Indiana Grown logo. A variety of merchandise like fruit, candles and lumber can be labeled as an Indiana Grown product, ensuring they were sourced from within the Hoosier state.

Purchasing locally made and sourced products helps keep money in our community and supports the economy. Often, local businesses purchase from other local businesses, and these funds help grow the region’s tax base. Our schools, public safety providers and volunteer organizations benefit from this economic growth. Our community is home to many talented entrepreneurs, and their unique businesses add character to our state. These local business owners also provide jobs, and as our friends and neighbors, they care about Indiana.

In our area, Indiana Grown members include the Lindsey Family Farm, Hunter’s Ridge Winery, Rosebud Longhorns, Denny’s Grassfed Beef, the Hackman Family Farm, White Creek Farms, Superburger and Salt Creek Winery. Information on these and other Indiana Grown members can be found at Recipes made with fresh Indiana Grown products, a local shopping guide and community events are also featured on this site.

Others interested in becoming an Indiana Grown member can sign up at Farmers, producers, processors, artisans, retailers, grocers and restaurants can be a member or partner at no cost. As a certified Indiana Grown member, locally sourced products will be promoted and marketed through the program.

Consumers, be sure to keep an eye out for the Indiana Grown label, kiosk and local products when shopping. We can all do our part in purchasing more goods grown, raised, produced and processed in our state. For those who are not yet an Indiana Grown member, consider joining the other 1,100 Hoosiers who are benefiting from the free services offered through the statewide initiative dedicated to promoting your locally sourced products. Sign up today by visiting

State Rep. Steve Davisson (R-Salem) represents House District 73, which includes Washington County,and portions of Orange, Lawrence, Jackson, Clark and Harrison counties. Send comments to [email protected].