Brownstown Central holds girls basketball camp for middle schoolers


Middle schoolers from Brownstown Central, St. John’s Sauers and Lutheran Central, all worked on their skills over a three-day camp this week. 

The Braves held its annual camp for incoming sixth- through eighth-graders at Brownstown Central High School Monday through Wednesday.

While the high school program has offered camps in the past, the workouts were a little different this year with first-year varsity basketball coach Brandon Allman in charge.

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Allman said that he had the kids working on the fundamentals, and applying those skills to a variety of drills.

"We’ve been working on ball handling, form shooting, and defensive principals," he said. "These are all things the girls are going to need from sixth grade all the way to their senior year of high school basketball.  We’ve done basic layup drills, full-court ball handling, working on crossover between the legs, form shooting, and pivoting. We then do drills that combine all of those skills to put them into use."

Allman, who was hired to his current position in May, said that 20 girls attended the camp.

"I think next year it will grow," Allman said. "This year, we tried to promote it on social media. Next year we will have more time to plan ahead of time. Hopefully it will grow in the next couple years."

The camp offered a chance for many of the middle schoolers to work with Allman for the first time.

Jenna Klosterman, an incoming seventh-grader at Sauers, said she enjoyed the camp.

"We’ve been having a lot of fun," Klosterman said. ‘I think I started coming a couple years ago. I’ve learned a lot about leadership and hard work. (Allman) usually gives us a quote a day, and gets us to push ourselves."

Allman said that it’s important for the kids to spend some time on the hardwood this summer, and that he enjoyed meeting many of his future players.

"This is my first time, so a lot of them are just getting to know me," he said. "They are getting to understand what I want out of them. Hopefully I’m instilling hard work and dedication in them as well as having fun."

Maddie Singleton, an incoming eighth-grader at Brownstown Central Middle School, said that she plans on playing basketball in high school.

"There was a lot of ball handling. We also worked on our form and the basics in general," Singleton said. "It has been really good. (Allman) has been really good with us. He has really pushed us and encouraged us."