Tri Kappa announces euchre winners for season

The Tribune Staff Reports

Gamma Phi chapter of Tri Kappa recently announced its citywide first- and second-place winners for the 2018-19 season of the charity euchre program.

First-place winners overall were Les and Betty Tormoehlen, followed by Patty Elmore and Karen Metz.

Other first-place winners in each group were Wilma Benter and Marilyn Stuckwisch, Marsha Jane Waskom and Karen Zike, Floyd and Cathy Stuckwisch, Jerry and Karen Zike, Joyce Lucas and Janet Myers, Patty Elmore and Karen Metz, Brett and Debbie Quillen, Les and Betty Tormoehlen, Melissa Reutter and Kim Darlage, Karen Zike and Terri Lahrman, Montie and Barb Prince and Linda Booher and Cathy Stuckwisch.

Second-place winners were Delbert and Alberta Tormoehlen, Nancy Seaborne and Lisa Ross, Dian Krumme and Sue Prajzner, John and Kim Griffith, Tom and Marcia Snyder, Betty Chastain and Ann Kloote, Steve and Lisa Hoene, Richard and Marilyn Darlage, Kathy Rebber and Tammy Wright, Vickie McKain and Linda Tatlock, Nippy and Carol Schneider and Sue Prajzner and Marilyn Kiewitt.

The charity euchre program supports local scholarships, Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health and the hospital’s cheer guild, local nursing homes, Hoosier Art Salon, Adopt-a-Spot and the state Gifted and Talented program. The monies raised also go to local charities and cultural and education programs as voted on by the chapter.