Voter turnout less than 10 percent at noon

Voter turnout at noon today was less than 10% across the five polling sites in Seymour.

At the largest polling site, 334 or 12.6% of the 2,659 registered voters at First Baptist Church in Seymour had voted. That site serves Jackson 4 North and Jackson 5 North precincts.

At Zion Lutheran Church, where the 1,915 registered voters in Jackson 3 South and Jackson 4 South vote, turnout at noon was 148 or 7.7%.

At Calvary Baptist Church, where Jackson 1 East and Seymour-Redding precincts vote, turnout at noon was 147 or 6.8% of 2,150 registered voters.

At The Point Family Center, where Jackson 2 East and Jackson 4 West residents vote, 2.5% or 42 of 1,638 registered voters had cast ballots at noon.

At the American Legion Post annex on West Second Street, 140 or 7.0% of the 1,976 registered voters in Jackson 3 North and Jackson 5 East had cast ballots.

Overall at noon, 811 or 8.1% of the 10,338 registered voters in the city voted at one of the five polling sites.