Mayor’s race Matt Nicholson

Why did you decide to run for mayor?

I entered the race in 2015 for Seymour City Council District 3 with the mayor’s seat in mind for the future. I had a pretty good idea that I would like serving the public in an elected position but also didn’t feel that I was ready to serve as mayor. I wanted all of the chances given to our council to learn before I ran for mayor.

What experience would you bring to the mayor’s office?

I have time in the private sector as a small business owner for over 16 years now. Those years include surviving the recession about a decade ago. I have experience in the nonprofit sector the last five years as an executive director. Now with my time on the council, I have experience with the governmental side, as well. During my time on the council, I have completed my classes to become a certified municipal official. This has given me a chance to gain knowledge in many areas required to serve as mayor. I was raised to look at everything from all possible sides.

What specific projects or initiatives should the city prioritize? Why and how should those be funded?

My biggest initiative would be seeing things to completion. We have another phase of Burkart coming during the next term with more beyond that. Making sure this project is completed will provide an overpass for the Louisville and Indiana Railroad. This also gives the airport authority a needed chance to complete some projects they have been working on. We have to stay on top of our road plans if we ever plan to get ahead on our road repairs. The PASER system that we use shows the improvements we have accomplished over the last several years. As the next mayor, I plan to keep with it so we don’t fall back to where we were not that long ago. I would like to see our redevelopment commission place our city parks into our TIF areas so that we can use redevelopment dollars to support improving our city parks via the pool, truly handicap accessible playgrounds and other projects that have been identified in our master plan.

Do you think there should be more collaboration between the city and the county on projects (i.e., work release center and judicial center) and how would you foster this relationship?

Earlier this month, I sat through one of the best meetings I have been a part of with county officials. I already serve on several boards with members from the county, and those relationships are already growing stronger. As far as more collaboration, you have to take it on a project-by-project basis. Some projects will allow great collaborations to happen, while others will not. Elected officials have to remember that we serve the people who elected us. All elected officials serve well when they remember that government is as President Lincoln said, “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Do you think the city should invest in solar energy? Why or why not?

The solar project that we are currently working on will save the taxpayers around $4.8 million over the life of the system. The project changes streetlights to LED, which last longer and cost less to operate. This project will allow a much-needed renovation to Seymour City Hall. During that renovation, I would encourage adding video equipment to council chambers so that we can engage more citizens in what goes on at city hall.

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Name: Matt Nicholson

Party: Republican

Family: Wife, Zabrina; children Jozie, Matte and Sallie

Age: 41

Occupation: Small business owner since 2003

Other: City councilman since 2016, certified municipal official, member of Redeemer Lutheran Church, nonprofit director since 2014, 1996 Seymour High School graduate, 1998 Ivy Tech graduate, Kids Fest committee member since 2000, Jackson County Solid Waste Management District board vice chairman, charter member of the Seymour Toastmasters Club, served on the Greater Seymour Chamber of Commerce recycling committee, Crossroads Community Trails committee, Day of Caring committee member, founding member of the Jackson County Bicycle Club, youth coach, adult kickball director and Seymour Middle School club sponsor