Community refuses to recognize addiction resource

As we all know the drug epidemic has taken over the country and especially Jackson County and as we recognize the problem, as my staff and myself have been there, we started Todd’s Transitional Housing wanting to help with the problem of alcohol and drug addiction, offering a new start for men, to get jobs, be productive, accountable, responsible men again, men God called them to be, leaders, we are not recognized as a resource, why?

It really intrigues me how people refuse to recognize Todd’s Place as a resource, but instead we get told that we are bringing the property values of the neighborhood and the community down.

How can we be doing that when we took a building that sat empty many years, cleaned it up and made use of it to help save men’s lives. We work every day to make changes to the building to make it look better, updating things as we go.

You know we are a faith based facility and our main objective is to lead these men to the cross and do God’s will. We see lives changed so how can the community say we are bringing the property value down? What price is a man’s soul worth?

We have been in business since May 23, 2016, and have seen many men’s lives changed as we have graduated 98 guys with a 34% success rate, some of you might say that’s not very good but the national percentage rate of people recovering from addiction is 1 out a 100 so I think that’s not too bad.

These men are working full time, back with their families, being the head of the household, leaders at churches and have a relationship with God.

The world and the community see drug addicts and alcoholics as terrible, stupid people and are quick to pass judgement and write them off, but I know a man name Jesus Christ that counted them in and those very people are some of the smartest individuals you will ever meet, they’re human beings, good people that made some bad choices so don’t judge a book by the cover until you open it up and read it , see what’s inside.

I encourage you that next time you see a person struggling say an encouraging word too them because you never know as addiction doesn’t discriminate, it might just be someone you know, might be someone your related too.

If you wonder what is going on at Todd’s Place come and check us out, you just might be surprised. It is heartbreaking to be told that we are being a nuisance when we want to be a part of the solution, at which I think we have proven we are, and not part of the problem.

It’s sad a community that has a problem, knows they have a problem, doesn’t want to utilize a program right here in their community, truly sad. Our mission statement says it all and it says this:

“We believe that when we help an individual, we help a family, when we help a family, we help a neighborhood, when we help a neighborhood, we have been effective in the community. “

I hope that after this the community will recognize that we are an asset, we also have teamed up with Safe Harbor Christian Counseling which has full time counselors in our facility and they are licensed through the Department Mental Health of Indiana so we offer lots more than people think, we have plenty of job opportunities and resources that the community doesn’t realize we have.

It’s my hope that this letter might open some eyes in the community of public officials, and the community, God bless Jackson County

Pastor Kris Hunley, along with his wife, Angie, is director and founder of Todd’s Transitional Housing in Seymour. Send comments to

[email protected].