Brownstown Central staff members honor students during annual VIP Breakfast


Recently at Brownstown Central High School, Kaitlynn Robinson said she was pulled out of class by Principal Joe Sheffer.

At first, she thought she was in trouble.

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Then Sheffer handed her a letter that said she had been selected for the VIP award. Since she is a freshman, she didn’t know about the honor that is given out each spring during the VIP Breakfast.

Robinson then asked Sheffer which staff member chose her, and he said she would find out at the event.

When she arrived at a table in the school cafeteria early the morning of April 18, she saw a name tag with math teacher Kallie Roller’s name on it next to hers.

“I’ve been waiting for a few weeks. Now, I finally know who it is,” Robinson said, smiling.

“I had in mind that it was her because she’s one of my favorite teachers, and I was really glad that it was her because I really like her, and she’s just one of the best teachers I’ve ever had,” she said. “She just has this certain way of teaching that makes it interesting, and she’s not like a read-from-the-book type of teacher. She’s more hands-on, and I love that kind of style of teaching.”

Knowing Roller could have picked any of her students for the honor, Robinson she was nearly speechless about being selected.

“I’m honored and I’m really happy that I got selected because it just means a lot to me and makes me feel like I’m doing something good,” she said.

The selection could be based on school involvement; academics, but a letter grade should not be the only criterion, there should be “something more”; nonacademics, but should recognize that the student has contributed significantly to his or her growth, the welfare of the teacher, other students or the school; or anything within the conduct of school considered worthy of special recognition.

During the 10th annual VIP Breakfast, the 38 students, the staff members who chose them as a VIP and their parents ate breakfast together.

Then when their name was called by Assistant Principal Mark DeHart, the students walked up to receive a certificate, a copy of the staff member’s comments and a handshake from Sheffer. DeHart then read the staff member’s comments aloud.

Freshman Frankie Rohr and junior Molly Vogel also were first-time selections.

Rohr was chosen by math teacher Brandon Tormoehlen. Rohr said when he was first told the news, he had a feeling it was Tormoehlen.

“He likes Butler (University) and he likes math,” Rohr said of Tormoehlen.

He was happy to be considered a VIP.

“It’s a great feeling,” Rohr said.

Vogel was selected by German teacher Angie Sibrel. She, too, had a good idea of who chose her for the honor.

“She’s my favorite teacher. She’s my role model,” Vogel said. “She makes little games sometimes. She does all of these fun educational things that help you learn them, and she actually interacts with us more.”

Like the other students, being chosen means a lot to Vogel.

“It means the world to me because she is beyond my favorite teacher, and I just love her,” she said. “It feels awesome to actually be thought of that way and have somebody actually care about you like that.”

At the end of the program, DeHart had all of the VIPs stand to be recognized, and they received loud applause.

“I think these students make a real strong argument that there are still some pretty impressive kids in our society today,” he said. “We’re very lucky to have these kids here at Brownstown Central. They do make our school a much better place.”

Hardworking, caring, punctual, dependable, friendly and respectful are among the words teachers used to describe the students.

“Those are the things that you would want from everyone, but these kids certainly glorify all of those characteristics,” DeHart said.

He also praised the parents for taking the time to celebrate the occasion with their children.

“It’s obvious that all of these characteristics and the great talents these kids have, they don’t happen capriciously or by luck or by chance,” DeHart said. “Those things are developed and are reinforced, and you being here today again shows that you care about these kids, and it reinforces those great characteristics that we notice here at school every day.”

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Brownstown Central High School conducted its annual VIP Breakfast on Thursday in the school cafeteria. The staff members and the students they selected are as follows:

Staff member;Student

Dave Benter;Ethan Wischmeier

Richard Branaman;Alex Caffee

Stephanie Brock;Maddie Huber

Jerry Brown;Joseph Striegel

Maria Conklin;Brooklyn Snodgrass

Barry Cutter;Faith Harrison

Mark DeHart;Richard Ruddick

Sharon DeHart;Megan Salmon

Randy Greene;Tayler Garland

Alisha Griffin;Karol Baker

Kevin Gwin;Zoe Fountain

Blake Hackman;Robert Buckles

Stephanie Hackman;Destiny Satterthwaite

Carolyn Ira;Dougie Johnson

Judy Johnson;Brittany VonDielingen

Derrick Koch;Brandon Wilson

Peggy Kovert;Meghan Turner

Rex Kovert;Eli Wischmeier

Reed May;Luke Shelton

Tawnya Ollmann;Jacob Smith

Andrea Pendleton;Olivia Hackman

Robin Perry;Kylene Spall

Melanie Preston;Bailey Davis

Karla Rieckers;Payton Farmer

Kallie Roller;Kaitlynn Robinson

Kristina Samples;Kiley Ratliff

Chance Schmitt;Ethan Carlin

Katlynn Schnitker;Logan Jackson

Dan Schwartz;Nicholas Wingler

Deb Schwartz;Caleb Trimble

Joe Sheffer;Zachary Thompson

Angie Sibrel;Molly Vogel

Lee Ann Silence;Morgan Branaman

Jami Stuckwisch;Mary Ault

Mitch Taylor;Max McClure

Brandon Tormoehlen;Frankie Rohr

Sandra Warren;Kaylee Branaman

Paula Workman;Emma Winks