Sorority meets at Dudleytown restaurant

Luke’s Country Inn in Dudleytown was selected by Phi Beta Psi sorority Theta Omega chapter April hostesses Cori Vaughn, Karen Sutton and Karen Schepman.

Nineteen members ordered from the menu and were seated at tables centered with spring blooming plants and won by Alice Christopher, Doris Baurle, Beckie Anderson, Janet Cooper and Natasha Miller.

Various sizes and colors of filled Easter eggs also were strewn along the tables, and a clever game using dice entitled each of the members to win several of the eggs with their surprise contents.

Miller reminded the ladies to RSVP about initiation May 1 at the Fraternal Order of Police Donald M. Winn Lodge 108 at Freeman Field. Dinner at 6:30 p.m. will be catered by TJ’s Barbecue and Catering.