Seymour senior has enjoyed time on baseball diamond, football field

Cameron Blanton has enjoyed being a part of the football and baseball programs at Seymour High School, and the relationships he has made along the way.

“I’ve loved my coaches,” he said. “I’ve gotten such great experiences out of athletics.”

This spring, Blanton is battling a wrist injury for a second straight year.

“I messed up the ligament in my (left) wrist," he said. "Last year I completely burst the ligament in the top of my hand doing a power clean (lift).”

He hopes to return to the active roster by early April, and plans on seeing playing time in the outfield. 

Once he does return, Blanton looks forward to taking the diamond at American Legion Field.

“I’ve played quite a few games here, back in middle school and stuff, and from right field it’s almost like the second-best view except from center field," Blanton said. "You can stand there and you can see everything."

This season, Blanton expects discipline to lead to wins.

“Like every sport, it’s going to take a lot of discipline," Blanton said. "Having days where you play three days in a row, and beating a big opponent one day, and then go play a not-so-good opponent, and if your head is just not in the right place, or you had a bad day in school, or problems at home, you have to keep our mind right and disciplined. That is really the biggest thing.”

Blanton said he began playing football in fifth grade, and has been a running back for most of his career.

“I was taking out my anger all the time,” Blanton said. "I wasn’t as fast as Nathan (O’Mara), so I kept it between the tackles.”

During his junior year, Blanton received several chances to carry the ball the last half of the season when O’Mara was injured.

He said he enjoyed the home games at Bulleit Stadium.

“There is nothing like the home games on Friday night," Blanton said. "I absolutely liked the turf. Turf is so much different than grass. It was a lot cooler on the grass. On the turf it gets pretty hot. We had to wear different cleats. On turf you had to wear different moldings so it wouldn’t go through your cleats and on your socks. You had to wear thinner socks.”

Blanton feels that the weight room has made him a better athlete.

"It took me from a kid who wasn’t as explosive to now I’m very explosive in my legs, and it’s kept me disciplined and everything," Blanton said. "I love squatting. Last time I squatted it was 495 (pounds). I kind of like to lift alone with a trainer. I like staying with myself and everything.”

Looking back, Blanton has fond memories of some big wins.

“Bedford is one of the biggest wins I’ve experienced," Blanton said. "My freshman and sophomore years, losing to Silver Creek first game of the season and then beating them during the sectional was big."

Blanton said football practice is completely different than baseball practice.

“It’s two different breeds, sometimes, because in football you have to plan on getting hit," he said. "In baseball, you have to plan on how hard is the pitcher throwing, where you’re going to hit it.”

He said he has enjoyed being a student at SHS.

“It’s such a big school and there is such a different variety of people," Blanton said. "I’ve had a great education here. I’ve had great teachers help me along the way."

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Name: Cameron Blanton

High school: Seymour

Parents: Sonja and Donavon Blanton

Sibling: Asa

Sports: baseball 4 years, football 4 years

Plans after high school: attend college, play football

Favorite food: chicken alfredo

Favorite musicians: Juice Wrld

Favorite movie: The Longest Yard

Favorite team: Oregon Ducks