Online rumors prompt Brownstown police investigation

The Brownstown Police Department is conducting an investigation after rumors circulated Tuesday night about a possible threat to Brownstown Central High School.

Officer Samuel Hughes said it started when there was a confrontation between students Tuesday.

Rumors then were spread on social media, leading some people to believe there may be a threat to the school.

“Nothing has been substantiated,” Hughes said this morning. “As far as we know, everything has just been rumors at this point. It’s all getting blown out of proportion as far as social media goes.”

Hughes said a student involved in the incident was suspended Tuesday.

Today, police are talking to that student and others who may have heard anything about the incident or any possible threats made.

“We’re crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s,” Hughes said.

He said parents should not be concerned.

“If we had serious concerns about this, we wouldn’t have our kids here (at the school),” he said.

This morning, Principal Joe Sheffer sent out a message to parents via the Remind system.

“High school has received many phone calls this morning about ‘unsubstantiated’ threats against the school,” the message read. “Please be mindful of social media, as there has been some inaccurate information posted. Administration/police are investigating any and all information that we are receiving. Please be assured our school and students are safe.”

Also today, the Bedford Police Department posted on its Facebook page that there was an increased presence at Bedford North Lawrence High School after similar rumors circulated on social media.

“While we did not anticipate a specific threat, we feel that the safety and security of children in our community are one of our greatest responsibilities,” the post said.

Police also said anonymous tips could be left on the department’s website if someone suspects an individual or group is planning on committing acts of violence against the schools in the Lawrence County city, which is 25 miles west of Brownstown.