Live out faith that is genuine, real

The people where you work are not looking for “perfect.” They are looking for “real” when it comes to modeling authentic faith.

People need to know God is real. They will discover God is real when they see that you are real.

That’s also when they will see that God is real, he can be trusted and he wants to be a part of their life. They’ll realize he cares about their hurts and their needs. They’ll see he can make a difference in their lives.

People don’t want to be laughed at, ignored, invalidated, pushed away or pressured. They need to experience a level of love, kindness and understanding that can only come through Jesus at work in us. They long for that kind of authenticity. They need to see people like us living out a faith that is genuine and real.

Do you believe a person can be completely ethical and still succeed in today’s marketplace? Are business and ethics compatible? Is following the Golden Rule a viable business strategy?

I hope your answer to each of these questions is yes. It has been done. People are doing it, and you can, too.

As a believer, you represent Jesus everywhere you go. Can people see Jesus in you? If they know you care about them, that will help them know he cares about them.

If you are a Christ follower, you represent Jesus at work, at school, at church, at home and wherever life takes you. God can and will use you where you are.

In a very real way, when you go to work, you are on a self-supporting mission field. The thing that will likely cause the people you know to come to Jesus probably won’t be a string of historical facts.

It won’t be because somebody tried to shove Christianity down their throat. It probably won’t be because someone shared a spiritual post on Facebook. It will be because someone like you decided to live with integrity and represent Jesus to the people you rub shoulders with every day.

You are influencing people everywhere you go and by everything you do — Christians pointing people to Jesus, showing them he is real and letting them know he cares.

It doesn’t happen with platitudes, posts or pretend perfection. It happens by letting them see the difference he has made and is making in you. Don’t settle for marking time when you could be marking lives for all eternity.

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