Letter: A Christmas Miracle letter

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A Christmas Miracle letter

To the editor:

Jackson County Sertoma Club members cannot be more pleased with the wonderful response we got from so many individuals, clubs, businesses, groups, and organizations that helped make Christmas Miracle work … again. We kept a running list of contributing individuals, companies, and organizations which came to 77 in total, and I know we missed some along the way.

To try and list every business, bank, group, club, workplace, agency, and organization that helped to make this year’s Christmas Miracle a success would inevitably cause me to leave someone out. In the past, I tried to estimate the number of hours that volunteers spent just in wrapping and delivering gifts and decided that the hours are countless. This year, I tried to estimate the number of volunteers involved from the community, and I figure that volunteers number more than 1,000 people. Therefore, we won’t even try to name all contributors and volunteers, but realize that our gratitude for your help knows no bounds. Because of everyone who supported our cause this year, even as simply as adopting an angel, Sertoma was able to help 290 families with 783 children throughout Jackson County.

All of your toy and monetary donations, as well as donated blankets, hats, and gloves, made sure we were able to help those in need this Christmas season. The people of this fine county showed their true desire to help their fellow man. One Sertoma member recently observed that Christmas Miracle now is a project of the entire Jackson County community, not merely a Sertoma project. That was true in the past and was even more true in 2018.

Sertoma stands for SERvice TO MAnkind. Our club is able to do what we do for the people of this county, because of your support. Again, thanks go out from all the members of Jackson County Sertoma for everyone’s help in making the Christmas season a little brighter for the children of Jackson County.

John Fox, Christmas Miracle co-chairman

Jackson County Sertoma Club