Peacock family meets for annual reunion

The 91st Peacock reunion was Aug. 12 at the Jennings Township Conservation Club with 95 people in attendance.

Mike Payne gave the noon invocation while the group gathered in a circle holding hands in unison.

Vice President Roscoe Peacock called the reunion to order.

Eunice Lacey lighted candles in memory of the ones who had died since last year: Melissa Peacock Glenn, daughter of Gail and Deloris Peacock and granddaughter of Virgil and Glen Peacock; Freddie and Feildon Felix Peacock, sons of Olive and Herman Peacock and grandsons of Herbert Manville Peacock; Marjorie Cozart Peacock, wife of James Peacock and daughter-in-law of Lily and Marion Peacock; and Richard Thomas Pyatt, son of Thomas and Carol Peacock Pyatt and grandson of Maynard and Estella Peacock.

Lacey also brought some history of the Peacock reunions recorded in three old secretary books covering 1931 to 2018 (three books) and a Bible in their family, first given to Manville D. Peacock, and then to son, Manville Earl Peacock, by his mother on his dad’s death. It seems William Peacock III had three generations of Manvilles — Herbert Manville, Manville D. and Manville Earl Peacock.

Election of officers for 2019 was conducted. They are Roscoe Peacock, president; Cindy Peacock Clements, vice president; Lacey, secretary and treasurer; Mike Payne, Bob Peacock and Everett Peacock, refreshment committee; and Trina Johnson, Lisa Conner, Karen Payne and Gina Lacey, program committee.

Everett Peacock gave away several Peacock pins, rings, necklaces and other Peacock things to everyone, and everyone received a watermelon.

The rest of the day was enjoyed by the children playing on the playground. Some of the older ones played horseshoes, took pictures, looked at pictures and reminisced about yesterday.

Next year’s reunion will be at 12:30 p.m. Aug. 11 at the same location.