Over time, nation’s values have dramatically shifted

Many of the founding fathers of our nation were Christian. Religious freedom was a foundational principle in the United States. This principle has drawn people from all over the world longing to experience religious liberty.

Americans can choose who, what and how they worship. It is an individual choice. For some, that means they choose not to worship at all.

Our experiment in religious liberty was grinding along reasonably well until the 1960s and early 1970s when deeply held values in our country were being challenged for the first time. Many of these values were discarded, and a dramatic shift took place as America was becoming far more secular than it had ever been before.

If you have lived long enough, you will have undoubtedly noticed a dramatic shift that has taken place regarding the values of our nation. A society that was once anchored so tightly to biblical principles is now adrift with no moral compass.

Many are beginning to realize that this great social shift has not been without its consequences. There are some sad and disappointing statistics concerning crime, violence, suicide rates, drug and alcohol abuse, divorce and unwanted pregnancies.

Something is wrong, and it is serious. There is a collective cry coming from the soul of our nation that is asking, “What are we going to do? What does the future hold if we continue this course?”

For most believers, this question is almost a no-brainer. We would say it is time to repent, pray and return to the Lord. It’s time to get back to the Bible. It’s time to look to Jesus.

I am convinced that if there is any hope for lasting change, it will come through him. With God’s help, we can turn things around, but that can only happen one person, one life, at a time.

It is easy to think like this in the confines of the church, but it is far more complicated when you take this discussion out into streets and to the broader scope of society. There are plenty of people who care deeply about the moral fiber and future of our country, but they don’t want to have anything to do with the God of the Bible.

They seem to shut down whenever the discussion shifts to spiritual solutions to the problems we’re facing. Next time, we’ll begin looking at some of the possible ways to improve the situation we are in, whether you are religious or not.

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