Brownstown announces meal, textbook prices

The Brownstown Central Community School Corp. board of trustees recently approved the meal and textbook rental prices for 2018-19.

Superintendent Greg Walker said the meal prices must meet federal guidelines. For lunch, all buildings will increase by 10 cents — $2.40, elementary; $2.55, middle school; and $2.70, high school. The breakfast and milk prices will stay the same as 2017-18.

The corporation is an active participant with a southern Indiana cooperative, HPS, for third-party food purchasing. The agreement was signed and board approved in July 2011 and must be noted every year in the school board meeting minutes, Walker said.

With textbook rental, it will remain 25 percent of the purchase cost and 15 percent of the purchase cost if the books have been used longer than six years for the middle school and high school.

For the elementary school, the prices for books, consumables, supplies and fees are $42, preschool; $91.75, kindergarten; $94.25, first grade; $81.24, second grade; $79.10, third grade; $77.33, third grade high ability; $66.29, fourth grade; $78.34, fourth grade high ability; $100.56, fifth grade; and $108.21, fifth grade high ability.