Loyal Devoir Society

The Loyal Devoir Society of Central Christian Church in Seymour met May 22.

President Paula Stafford called the meeting to order and thanked Group 1 for being hostess. She welcomed a guest, Hazel Davis.

A decorated cake, made by Lois Gueter, celebrated birthdays.

Paula read two stories, “Mom’s Wisdom” and “The Potato Puppy.” She closed with prayer.

Minutes, given by Judy McDonald, were approved.

Betty Guinn gave the treasurer’s report, and it was approved. She also read two thank-you notes for flowers.

The bake sale and the Delta Kappa Gamma dinner both were very successful.

Lucy Dembek said the fellowship hall needed microphones to improve hearing. Wanda Gray made a motion to discuss it at a later date.

Stafford wanted to know if the group wanted to have another cookbook sale. There was a discussion on how to do it different since the group had several books left over. Barb Bentley suggested that the group put them out for new people who visit the church.

Stafford said she would bring it to the connection groups for ideas on when to have them made — fall or Christmas. She will give a report at the June meeting.

The meeting closed with the Mizpah Benediction.