Dicksons Inc. acquires Cottage Garden

Officials with Dicksons Inc. recently announced the acquisition of Cottage Garden, a manufacturer of sentiment-based music boxes, frames and other gift items, based in Bainbridge.

Cottage Garden product lines and catalogs and its website will remain the same. All products will be moved to and shipped from the Dicksons warehouse in Seymour.

The Cottage Garden office building and personnel will remain in Bainbridge.

“Although Dicksons acquired Cottage Garden, I view this as more of a merger between the two companies,” Dicksons President Steve Vandivier said. “We believe that bringing the talent of our two companies together will allow us to serve our customers and the gift industry at a higher level.”

Cottage Garden founder and former owner Mark Timm said Cottage Garden and Dicksons are Indiana neighbors with a great admiration and respect for each other.

Dicksons has been in the giftware industry since 1944.

Edmund and Lura Dickson started the business by manufacturing Sunday school ribbon pins in the basement of the Christian bookstore they owned in Michigan.

The business grew, and they moved it to Seymour, where it is still based today.

Dicksons supplies Christian and inspirational giftware to stores in the United States and abroad.