Letter: Voter fraud wins again

A recent opintion article early this month in the Tribune “Voter suppression efforts lose again” cheered the fact that the Trump commission to investigate voter fraud had been disbanded because states refused to cooperate, and that the secretary of state of Kansas had been rebuked by the court because he committed the dastardly crime of requiring the proof of citizenship to register to vote.

Why it is that Liberals (read Democrats) are so against voters verifying they are citizens, or at least that they are who they say they are. Could it be that they benefit from voter fraud. Is it coincidence that the state that overwhelmingly voted for Hilary has the highest number of illegal immigrants?

The state where illegal immigrants are welcomed and protected with sanctuary cities and now state.

There are two lame argument against checking identification or citizenship to vote. One is that some people do not have IDs or they are hard to get. An identification is needed for many activities such as cashing a check, boarding an airplane or applying for government benefits. If you are a citizen, getting an ID is not difficult.

The second argument is that there is little proof of voter fraud. Dhaa — How do you know if you have never checked for it? If you post a speed limit on a road, and do not monitor it, no police or radar, and no speeders are caught all year is it reasonable to argue that everyone obeyed the speed limit. Now let us carry the analogy a little farther: On this road let us post a sign that says the speed on this road is not monitored. Does anyone with half a brain think that no tickets issued all year means that nobody speeded?

If it is reasonable to conclude that the notification that speed is not monitored may invite speeding, then is it not reasonable to conclude that notification that voters will not be monitored for citizenship or identification invite voter fraud. There is no doubt that it makes fraud easier to perpetrate.

That recent article about voter suppression ended by saying “The American voting process is sacred and must be protected from those who attempt to restrict or manipulate it for political gain.”

I wholeheartedly agree, but let us also add that it is a privilege only for United States Citizens and should be protected from those who would promote or permit voter fraud for political gain.

An old joke that may not be far from reality: My uncle in Chicago voted Republican all his life. He died 10 years ago and has voted Democrat ever since.

Berl Grant, Seymour