Group thanks outgoing board members

Three people who helped shape Brownstown/Ewing Main Street into what it is today recently were recognized for their efforts.

During the nonprofit organiza- tion’s annual meeting Jan. 9 at W.R. Ewing, outgoing board members Bob Bane, Darlene Butt and Joe Reynolds received plaques from President Luke Nolting and Vice President Conner Barnette.

Bane had served as secretary and treasurer since he became a board member Oct. 4, 2012.

He drove the organization’s 501(c)(3) certification process, helped maintain state compliance and the bylaws and assisted the promotions committee with his wife, Missy.

“Bob, thank you for your true commitment to this organization that has helped our community so much,” Nolting said.

“Those are big shoes to fill,” Missy Bane said of her husband, who could not be at the annual meeting.

Butt is a founding board member, joining June 17, 2010.

She was instrumental in the Ewing Depot restoration project. Just recently, she deeded the depot to the town of Brownstown on behalf of Brownstown/Ewing Main Street. The town is exploring potential uses for the structure.

“It would not be the landmark it is today without their commitment, perseverance through many obstacles and the financial contributions they made to make it possible,” Nolting said of Butt and her late husband, Jim.

“Darlene, thank you so much for everything you have done for this organization as well as the community of Ewing,” Nolting said. “It is truly a unique community and would not be what it is today without the impact you have had.”

Butt said it’s great to have the depot turned over to the town.

“The depot has been quite a project, but we have thoroughly enjoyed it and finally finished it and signed the papers over. It officially now belongs to the town,” she said.

“We had many, many volunteers that worked on that project,” she said. “Basically, all of the contractors in this town had something to do with it. There are so many people that we need to thank for all of their volunteer hours, different items that they furnished. We had to find all kinds of odds and ends pieces to try to put this thing back together like it had been originally.”

Butt also served on Brownstown/Ewing Main Street’s design committee and offered W.R. Ewing for the organization’s meetings and events.

“I just want to thank everybody,” she said. “It has been quite a pleasure to serve.”

Reynolds also is a founding board member.

He helped a lot with the Brownstown Fund for the Arts, the establishment of Heritage Park and the annual Artsfest.

“He has spent countless hours building many, many things at Heritage Park and helping with the design of logos and banners and has always been a big help to Artsfest, as well,” Nolting said. “Joe, thank you for your genuine dedication to Brownstown/Ewing Main Street. Thank you, also, for helping me become a better president with all of your encouragement. It means more than you will ever know.”

Reynolds said he was happy to be involved over the years and looks forward to what the current leadership does for the organization.

“You’re such a neat bunch of people, and it has been a pleasure to volunteer to do the work that I’ve done,” he said. “There are so many people who have done so much more really than I have. It has been fun, and it has been a pleasure. I really feel good for the future of Brownstown.”

Even though Butt and Reynolds have left the board of directors, they are staying involved with Brownstown/Ewing Main Street by serving on the advisory board.

“Just because we honor you doesn’t mean we still don’t want you to help,” Nolting said, drawing laughter from the crowd. “So hopefully, you guys are still on board. We’re looking forward to many new, exciting things.”