Seymour to pave streets in spring

Smoother roads likely are coming to a neighborhood near you.

This spring, Seymour plans to repave and patch all or portions of nearly 30 local streets as part of its annual road maintenance improvement program.

The number of streets impacted is down from 50 in 2017, and the overall miles is down about half, too, said city engineer Nathan Frey.

“We are going to pave 6.5 miles of road this year,” he said.

One reason the city is doing less mileage and fewer streets is because Seymour didn’t receive as much money from the state’s Community Crossings grant program as it did last year.

Seymour received $760,000 from the grant managed by the Indiana Department of Transportation. The city had to match the amount with local funds. The grant is $200,000 less than 2017, Frey said.

“This is the only source of state or federal funds this year being used to pave roads in Seymour,” Frey said.

The city also receives a portion of the state gas tax based on the number of miles of roads in city limits, but that money is being used for Seymour’s matching portion for the Community Crossings grant.

Every two years, the city evaluates and scores each segment of road within city limits. That score helps determine which treatment is best to maintain the road.

“Our best roads receive treatments such as crack seal, rejuvenates and sealers to preserve them as long as possible,” Frey said. “Roads that fall in the middle of the spectrum are resurfaced, and roads at the bottom have to be rebuilt.”

West Second Street was the last road to be completely rebuilt. That project was completed this past fall.

This year, INDOT selected Seymour’s resurfacing application to fund. Therefore, those are the roads that will be worked on this year, Frey said.

“There is no chip seal in this contract,” Frey said. “It is a resurface contract with some minor concrete work for curb ramps as well as concrete street patching.”

Some of the streets scheduled for repaving, including North O’Brien Street and Dutchman Lane, are expected to cost more than average per mile to fix because of the high level of deterioration.

The board of public works and safety recently gave Frey approval to advertise for bids for the road work. Bids will be opened and awarded later this month.

“Construction will begin once the weather breaks this spring and will be completed by July 1,” Frey said.

The Community Crossings grant program was initially a three-year program implemented by the state and is in the second year of funding.

Frey said he anticipates the funding will be renewed this year for 2019.

“Seymour has been fortunate to receive funding both years,” he said. “Over the last four years, Seymour has been able to complete three federal aid projects and one state aid project. With this aid, we have been able to complete $8 million of work to our roads.”

Before 2013, the city only was investing around $150,000 per year to maintain roads.

“If we can continue for three more years at this pace, all roads within the city limits will be in a condition that is acceptable,” he said.

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2018 project list for Seymour’s road maintenance improvement program

Emerson Drive: West Second Street to West Third Street

O’Brien Street: 1,270 feet southwest to Bennett Street; Ash Street to Polley Drive; Berkshire Drive to Stanley Street; Brookhaven Drive to East Seventh Street; East Seventh Street to Berkshire Drive; East Sixth Street to Brookhaven Drive; Oak Street to Holiday Drive; Stanley Street to Shawna Court; Shawna Court to Middle School Road; Bennett Street to Wildwood Drive; and Wildwood Drive to East 10th Street

Second Street: Bishop Drive to Spurgeon Drive; Spurgeon Drive to Springhill Road; Tipton Street to White’s Station Road; and White’s Station Road to Bishop Drive

Elm Street: Third Street intersection; and Maple Avenue to Second Street

First Avenue: E Avenue East to D Avenue

Broadway Street: East Laurel Street to East Brown Street; 295 feet south to East 14th Street; East Ninth Street south to East Ninth Street north; East Oak Street to 177 feet north; East 13th Street to 49 feet north; and Oak Street to Laurel Street

Sandy Creek Drive: Cottonwood Drive to East Tipton Street north; Nicholas Court to Cottonwood Drive; city limits to Nicholas Court; and East Tipton Street north to East Tipton Street south

Apple Street: 167 feet south to Ash Street; and Birch Street to 161 feet north

Cottonwood Drive: Dead end to North Sandy Creek Drive

Dutchman Lane: 162 feet west to Capri Court; Capri Court to Woodruff Court; Woodruff Court to 526 feet east; North Jackson Park Drive to Cara Court; parking lot to north Jackson Park Drive and Woodruff Court to Dunbar Drive

Evergreen Drive: Arthur Drive to Phillips Lane; and Garden Avenue to Arthur Drive

Fifth Street: 169 feet east to Johnson Street; Kessler Boulevard to 132 feet east; Kessler Boulevard to Lee Boulevard; Lee Boulevard east to Waldron Court; Lee Boulevard west to Lee Boulevard east; and Waldron Court to Carter Boulevard

Jeffersonville Avenue: West Bruce Street to West Tipton Street; and South Street to West Bruce Street

Maple Avenue: Carter Boulevard to North Elm Street; and North Elm Street to North Lynn Street

Pine Street: St. Louis Avenue to West Second Street; West Laurel Street to West Brown Street; and West Second Street to West Third Street

Pinetree Court: Cul-de-sac to Sarasota Drive

Polley Drive: South O’Brien Street to Marley Lane

Ranie Court: Cul-de-sac to Sarasota Drive

Second Street: Lee Boulevard west to Lee Boulevard east

South Street: 201 feet west to South Broadway Street; 28 feet west to Jeffersonville Avenue; and East Street to 181 feet east

Sycamore Road: South Jackson Park Drive to Linden Drive

10th Street: City limits west to North County Road 760E; Fountain Drive to North Elm Street; North Blish Street west to North Blish Street east; and North County Road 760 East to Fountain Drive

Thompson Road: Dead end to Schleter Road

Western Parkway: West Second Street to Westgate Road

First Avenue: F Avenue (Freeman Field) to E Avenue West; and G Avenue West to F Avenue (Freeman Field)

Birch Street: Marley Lane to dead end

C Avenue East: C Avenue to D Avenue East; and Fourth Avenue (Freeman Field) to G Avenue East

C Avenue West: D Avenue West to C Avenue

C Avenue: C Avenue West to C Avenue East

Shawnee Court: Cul-de-sac to Stadium Drive

Ash Street: Apple Street to Cherry Street; Cherry Street to Marley Lane; and South O’Brien Street to Apple Street

Hillcrest Circle: Hillcrest Drive east to Hillcrest Drive north

Blish Street: 188 feet south to East Fourth Street