Medora captain uses quickness on 2 courts

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Marsadeez Phillips says she has tried to use her quickness to her advantage to help the Medora volleyball and basketball teams the past four years.

She has played a lot at the guard position in basketball and in the back row on the volleyball court and has enjoyed the defensive part of both sports.

Phillips said one of her main responsibilities in basketball is handling the ball.

“I dribble the ball down the floor, and try to shoot it on the outside,” she said. “I would rather shoot it outside than take it in.”

When the Hornets are on defense, Phillips likes playing man-to-man.

New players joined the team in mid-December so there are 10 girls on the roster.

Phillips said the new faces definitely help by giving the team more depth and they are able to do more things in practices and in games.

“I’m really happy that some more people have joined the team,” Phillips said. “It makes it easier.”

She said her favorite part of the game is defense.

“I really like defense,” Phillips said. “My favorite part is trying to cause turnovers.”

The Hornets recently picked up their second win of the season, and Phillips said in order for the team to climb closer to .500, “We need to work hard, practice hard and maybe run some different plays. We need to cut the turnovers down. We’ve had a lot of turnovers.”

She has been a captain in basketball this season, and feels proud to have been chosen for that position.

“I try to help people with their attitudes in practice,” Phillips said. “If they’re shooting and having problems I try to help them.”

She mainly was a back row specialist in volleyball.

“This year I did play in the front row a little bit,” Phillips said. “I liked to play back-right. There was just something about it. I didn’t really like being in the middle or on the other side.”

Phillips said the key to getting a good dig and making a good pass was keeping your hands even. She

“I really loved playing defense,” she said. “I liked all of us working together as a team, and spending our time together.”

On the schedule, Phillips looks forward to home games and matches.

“I really liked playing at home,” Phillips said. “We have all the fans here. I really didn’t like the away gyms. I liked our gym the best. There was something about it.”

Phillips said she always tries to work hard in practice.

“Practice is really important to me,” Phillips said. “We all came together and worked really hard. Some days we’ve had bad attitudes but we’d work through it and really work hard.”

Phillips said having a positive outlook on sports is key.

“The mental part is really important because if you’re down on yourself it’s harder to keep yourself up, and when you’re down other people have their heads down so you have to try to be a leader and not get down on yourself,” she said.

She has enjoyed attending Medora schools.

“I’ve gone to school in Medora my whole life,” Phillips said. “I just like that it’s small and you know everyone. You’re like one big, happy family. I love all my teachers. They’re really great.

“I really enjoyed my coaches and my teammates. It’s been a great experience and it’s flying by.”

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Name: Marsadeez Phillips

School: Medora High School

Parents: Jolinda Phillips, Jeff Phillips

Siblings: Jeffrey, Faxon, Trulre

Sports: volleyball 4 years, basketball 4 years, cheer 1 year

Athletic awards: defense, passing awards

Organizations: student council, Beta Club, homecoming candidate

Plans after high school: Attend college to become vet tech

Favorite food: shrimp, cheese sticks

Favorite TV show: Empire

Favorite musician: Lil Wayne

Favorite movie: Home Alone

Favorite team: Indiana University