Christmas Basket Fund continues to grow

The annual Christmas Basket Fund grew to $11,938 with $1,100 in donations Wednesday and Thursday.

The newest donations are:

  • In loving memory of our parents, Merl and Cordelia Snyder and Palois and Ruth Kerkhof, $20 from Allan and Mary Ellen
  • In loving memory of my sister, Jane Kerkhof Powers, $10 from Mary Ellen and family
  • In memory of Andy Price, $100 anonymous
  • In loving memory of Adam Joray, $250 from Joe, Theresa, Nathan and Rachel Joray
  • In memory of Harold and Louise Bush, $50 from Bill, Dave, Mary, Bonnie and Wilma
  • In memory of our parents, $150 from Howard and Diane Martin
  • In memory of John and Jon R. Lynch, $50 from Donna and Joni
  • In memory of Jeff Lanam, $50 from Steve and Joann Lanam
  • $50 anonymous
  • Merry Christmas. In memory of Odas Higginbotham Sr., Ronnie “Higgy” and Mildred and Warren Daab, $50 from the Daabs, Robinsons and Thomas families
  • In memory of Mary and Thomas Stewart, $25 from Sam and Billie Stewart
  • In memory of Anna Ruth and Bill Anderson, $25 from Sam and Billie Stewart
  • In memory of Mable Gogul and Aunt Betty, $500 from Steve Gogul
  • Christmas blessings to everyone, $50 from Hulda Goecker
  • In memory of Gary Reedy, $20 from Dave
  • In loving memory of our parents, Norman and Emma Field and Charlie and Laura Reinhart, $50 from Thomas and Pamela Reinhart
  • In memory of Robert Chisham, Richard Chisham, Teresa Bast and Harry Bast, $100 from the Bast family