Seymour senior leader for Owls

Seymour’s Charlie Galyen said he has a lot of good memories from playing soccer all over the state the last 14 years.

“I really enjoyed all the friends and everything I’ve made,” he said. “These guys are my best friends, and I wouldn’t change our friendships for the world. I really enjoyed my four years here.”

Galyen played offense for the Owls, who recently wrapped up their season at 13-4-1.

“I normally played anywhere up top, so the forward position or an outside wing,” Galyen said. “At forward, you’re mostly the attacker. When the ball goes up, you’re the one who pressures or you make runs, either sideways or forward. I normally did it so they would play me through balls and I would chase after them, or I would check to the ball and they would put it at my feet and I would play off them.”

This past fall, Galyen scored four goals and had three assists.

Galyen said communication and practice are two important factors in soccer.

“Communication is really important,” he said. “That is one of the big things about soccer. And there were some players on our team who didn’t like to talk. I’d say I’m a talker.”

He recalled getting an early start in soccer.

“I started playing when I was about 3-years-old,” Galyen said. “I started club when I was 8, and played all the way through. I started with the Cyclones and when I was in seventh grade I moved to the Columbus Express.”

This past year he played with a club team from Bloomington.

Galyen said he liked playing the home matches on the turf the past two years.

“I really enjoyed it,” Galyen said. “It was a lot faster. I’m used to playing on turf because our club teams played on it. Grass is definitely a lot slower.”

Beating Columbus East and winning the conference title his junior year were his biggest career highlights.

Galyen said the Owls had to play hard from the opening minute in every match, and the schedule definitely prepared the team for the sectional.

“Normally the teams we play during the year are going to be the teams we are going to play in the sectional, so it’s good to play them and see how they play and try and change our tactics,” Galyen said. “You have to play hard the whole time because if you slack off one or two minutes then they’re just going to come back and score.”

Galyen said he became more physical when he moved from the JV to the varsity.

“I wasn’t too physical my freshman and sophomore years, but once I started getting a little bit bigger I started using my body a lot more and toward the end of this season I was using it a lot,” he said.

The senior has enjoyed attending Seymour.

“I’ve enjoyed it so much, the school is so nice to me,” Galyen said. “There are definitely a lot of qualities. I’ll remember the friendships I made, and winning conference last year was a lot of fun. Pretty much everyone I’ve met have had a big impact on my life.”

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Name: Charlie Galyen

School: Seymour High School

Parents: Jeanne and Jamie Galyen

Siblings: Connor, Cole

Sports: soccer 4 years, golf 2 years

Athletic highlight: soccer-2016 HHC champions

Organizations: D.A.R.E Role Model

Plans after high school: attend college, study agriculture

Favorite food: pulled pork

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite musician: Luke Bryan

Favorite movie: American Sniper

Favorite team: Indiana University