Letter: Modern family dynamic far different from past

To the editor:

Plans for the modern house usually skips a special room for a beautiful dining room table, eight to 10 chairs and a side table. Why would anyone need a separate room just to have a place to eat? And who can get the whole family together at one time?

Even if you have that beautiful dining room table, I’ll bet it’s stacked up with odds and ends. Maybe a stack of laundry or some books that you plan on reading someday.

The new bride no longer has a need for or wants that beautiful walnut case of silverware, fine crystal glasses or imported china. Plastic will do just fine. Linen napkins? You’ve got to be kidding. I haven’t seen napkin rings or finger bowls for quite some time nor have I dressed for dinner. (Well, maybe put on a shirt and remove my cap.)

Yes, the eating habits of people have changed. Mainly because the little wifie is still at work when years ago she would be home fixing a fine dinner for the hubby (who has slaved all day) and the wonderful kids getting home from school.

To quote from Poor Richard’s Almanac, “Methinks our goode Benj. Franklin is insooth a patron saint to all goode wives for that he found ye electricity up in ye clouds that day. Ye ole time kitchen were a very sorry place to work for the soot and smoke and breaking of ye back — and to, perchance, for catching fire to ye petticoat — A most grievous thing, but in ye modern home so blessed with Franklin Mazda Lamps ye Dame or Wench doth cook ye pleasant vittles for to rejoice ye stomache of any man for better loving.”

So instead of the formal dining room, we have the den or family room. The wife brings home the bacon (not something to cook) and the family, helter skelter, is off doing their own things. Hey, someone, order a pizza.

Don Hill