Thumbs-Up, Thumbs-Down – September 15

Breakfast of patriots

Thumbs-up to members of the Crothersville High School’s FFA chapter for preparing breakfast for local first responders on Monday for Patriots Day.


Thumbs-up to all the individuals who help children and adults with disabilities reach their educational, vocational and community living goals. National Direct Support Professional Recognition Week began Sunday and ends Saturday, and Developmental Services Inc. invites anyone who knows someone who may be eligible for services and supports or simply wants to get involved to visit or call 800-745-7686.

Backing the Blue

Thumbs-up to officers and others with Seymour Police Police Department who recently “adopted” Sgt. Cody Davis of the Lumberton Police Department in Lumberton, Texas. Davis was working the night his community began flooding because of the 57-inches of rain left behind by Hurricane Harvey. When he returned home the next morning, he realized his own family needed rescuing. While he was able to get his wife, Andrea, and their two children, Emma, 9, and Cain, 3 and their pets out safely, the family lost everything they had due to the flooding. To donate to cause, visit


Thumbs-up to everyone who participated in the seventh annual Thousand-Ten Project held this past Saturday in Seymour. The program features teams helping those in the community who just simply need a helping hand. This year’s event saw the 10-person teams providing assistance to 60 families or individuals who needed a lift.

Pass go

Thumbs-down to motorists who don’t understand the rules of the road at a 4-way stop. If you arrive first, you have the right of way and are supposed to go instead waving everyone else to ahead first. While their kindness may seem heartfelt, it is often frustrating for other motorists and can lead to mishaps.


Thumbs-down to those who use times of natural disasters to take advantage of the goodness of people wanting to help out. A related thumbs-down to looters who steal from businesses affected by those same natural disasters.