Police: Inmate tried to sell Social Security card to raise funds

The investigation into an inmate’s attempt to raise bond by selling her Social Security card and those of other inmates at the Jackson County Jail has led to new charges being requested, police report.

Angel Dawn Lovaas, 38, of Seymour, was being held on a theft charge when police began an investigation Monday that led to charges of attempted identity deception and conspiracy to commit identity theft being filed against her, according to a report from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

The investigation, conducted by Reserve Officer Scott Davis, Jail Commander Charlie Murphy and jailer Logan Fordice, began when jailers received information Lovaas and a former inmate had offered to sell Social Security cards belonging to Lovaas and other current inmates to get money for her to post bond.

The offer was sent through the United States Postal Service to an address in Jennings County, but the letter was returned undeliverable to the other inmate, police said. That inmate already had been released from jail when the letter was returned.

The letter was then processed by the jail staff, who discovered Lovaas and the other inmate were trying to sell the Social Security cards to people who apparently were from Mexico for false identification purposes.

Charges have been requested on the second inmate, police said.

The two new charges filed against Lovaas are Level 6 felonies, punishable by six months to two and a half years in prison upon conviction.

Lovaas, who was arrested on the Level 6 felony theft charge in April, was being held on $1,005 bond on Wednesday morning.