Art of relationships

While watching an old episode of the popular television series “Friends,” Mary Higdon noticed something about the relationship between two of the main characters.

Although Ross and Rachel were portrayed as being perfect for each other, Higdon didn’t think that was the case.

“They were always fighting,” she said. “I don’t think that’s a healthy relationship at all.”

After watching the episode, Higdon, 13, a seventh-grader at Seymour Middle School, began to think about how other shows depict relationships.

She found examples of good

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Winners in the 2017 Jackson County Teens for Change HeART Art Show

First place: Angelina Corya, Seymour Middle School

Second place: Mary Higdon, Seymour Middle School

Third place: Jasmine Robbins, Seymour High School

Safe Dates Poster: Jayden Henry and Cailyn Keithley, Brownstown Central Middle School

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