Election Q & A Coroner: Mark Holt

What do you see as the major role of the coroner?

To have a thorough examination of the deceased to determine and verify the cause of death.

Why do you want to run for coroner?

Being in law enforcement, I have been in on a few autopsies. I find them to be very interesting along with the answers the body can give to the cause of death.

Why do you think you’re the best candidate for the job?

I am sure each candidate would bring their own unique qualities to the coroner’s office. As for me, I would be thorough in my death investigations (autopsies) and along with the pathologist determine the cause, time and by what means a death occurred.

If elected, what part of the job do you look forward to the most?

I don’t know that I look forward to it, but it is part of doing this job — in a tragic situation to give grieving families the answers they deserve to the cause of death of their loved ones in order to give the family as much closure as possible.

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Name: Mark Holt

Age: 49

Hometown: Seymour

Occupation: Officer with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and bus driver for Seymour Community School Corp.

Previous political experience: Vice chairman of the board at Seymour First Wesleyan Church