Call him captain

One of the things Jalen Beesley likes about the senior basketball players at Medora is the leadership that his senior class provides.

As a captain for the 2015-16 squad, Beesley has confidence in his team.

“We have great leadership,” he said. “We will go further in the tournament this year. We need leadership and a lot of mental toughness.”

Beesley said the team needs to work hard every day to try and get better.

“Practice is very important,” he said. “How you practice is how you play in a game. Communication is very key. If you don’t talk you don’t get anywhere. You get scored on, they’ll run up the score on you. You’ve got to communicate. It is very big.”

The senior began his basketball career in elementary school.

“I’ve been a shooting guard most of my life,” Beesley said. “My junior and senior year I’ve had to take the role of being point guard and some other shooting positions.”

He said he enjoys setting up the offense as well as shooting the ball.

“I like to do both — I like shooting from the left side better than the right,” Beesley said. “I feel more comfortable taking it to the hole because I feel pretty confident at the free-throw line.

“I would rather play against a man defense. I like to make my other teammates involved too, and get the best shot possible.”

Last season, Beesley received the free-throw percentage award.

His high-point games have been 24 against Crothersville earlier this season, 19 against Shoals last season and 18 against Martinsville Tabernacle earlier in 2015.

As the season heats up, Beesley wants his team to focus on their defensive assignments.

“We take pride in our defense,” Beesley said. “When we press I’m usually up front, and usually trap, and we force turnovers.”

Beesley said you have to have a positive attitude to play any sport.

“Confidence is really up there (in importance),” he said. “Without confidence you don’t get anything. Free throws are key in basketball games. They determine if you win or lose. When I get to the free-throw line I have confidence. If I miss, the next one is going in.”

Beesley said it will take a strong team effort and playing together to have a winning season.

“I like team victories,” he said. “A good victory, in my perspective, is everybody did their part and came together as a team and won the game.”

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Parents: Chad and Kristina Beesley

Sibling: Katie

Sports: Basketball, four years

Athletic highlights: Mental attitude award, free-throw percentage award, all-county team

Organizations: Beta Club, Sports Club, Science Club, Art Club, Spirit Club

Plans after high school: Attend college

Favorite food: Tacos

Favorite TV show: “Days of Our Lives”

Favorite singer: Wiz Khalifa

Favorite movie: “22 Jump Street”

Favorite athlete, team: Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

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Q: Do you enjoy home games? What is your favorite away gym?

A:  “The home games are great. The fans are beyond great. Crothersville is my favorite away gym.”

Q: What are your goals at this point in the season?

A: “We look forward to getting better. We really need to take a step up on leadership and communication skills. Those (Edinburgh Tournament) games will be a great time to learn and communicate.”

Q: What’s it like attending Medora?

A: “I like the small school. Walking around the elementary you get a lot of high-fives and a lot of smiles. Kids look up to you, and you’ve got to have really good leadership skills to show them what to be in life.

“I’ve made a lot of friends here. The people are great. Most people don’t think Medora is that great of a town, but you come to this school and you really see we have a ton of opportunities here.”