Tools stolen at worksite


A building expansion project under construction at Cortland Elementary School was the target of thieves who stole thousands of dollars worth of tools, police said Thursday.

Burglary of the site at 6687 N. County Road 400E took place after workers from T & G Construction left Wednesday afternoon and before they arrived early Thursday morning, said Lt. Darin Downs with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

“The construction company had a couple of semitrailers out there holding their tools and equipment,” Downs said.

Two of the three trailers were broken into along with the area of new construction, added county Officer Dustin Steward.

There was no evidence, however, that the school building was broken into, Steward added.

The school is closed until Tuesday for the winter break.

A new, $1.5 million media center is being built onto the northwest side of the school building. That project is expected to be completed later this year.

After watching surveillance videos, Downs said they were able to identify a suspect vehicle. Besides the video, Downs said DNA swabs were taken from the scene that could help identify who was involved.

T & G Construction was working on providing police with a list of missing items, including a rebar tool worth thousands of dollars, Steward said.

The case is under investigation by Detective Ben Rudolph, Steward and Downs.

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