Letter: Thanks, officers

Dear law enforcement agencies:

You provide much for our community, and it’s our job to thank you. You are definitely some great, thoughtful people, and the students and staff from Seymour Middle School want to thank you.

Your motto is to protect and serve, and you live up to that phrase every time you are on and off duty.

We as a school would like to take the time to recognize you for all your efforts in protecting our community. Going as far as risking your lives, you do whatever it takes to best serve our community, and for that we commend you.

We know that your job is not an easy one, but you handle your responsibilities with pride in yourselves and your people.

You always represent us well, and we are proud to be represented by you.

Spending long hours and devoting your time to helping us is definitely something to respect and be grateful for.

You participate in programs that directly benefit us such as DARE and Shop with a Cop. Seymour Middle School would like to thank you for the things you do in our community; you really do a lot for us.

In conclusion, we thank you for everything you do for our school, our city and our state.

We don’t know what we would do without you.

You protect us, you help us, and we would like to celebrate that.

Hope you enjoyed the cakes, officers.

You have our thanks,

Seymour Middle School