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Name: James D. Allen

Age: 39

Hometown: Seymour

Current residence: Middle East

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Current occupation: UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter Flight Company Commander

Family: Wife, Hannah; son, Elijah, 2; daughter, Lilah, 1

High school and graduating year: Seymour High School, 1994

Sports: Football, track and field (shot put), cheerleading (senior year)

Athletics honors: All-Conference, headhunter award, defensive player award

College: Indiana State University

Major: Criminal justice

Who or what got you into sports?

“Honestly, I was bored.”

What is your favorite memory of high school sports?

“My memory that has stayed with me and actually helped me through some difficult times was the mentorship of coaches Joe Goodman and Jeff Richey. ‘The difference between hot and boiling is 1 degree, just 1 degree.’”

What did you feel was your biggest accomplishment or award and why?

“Meeting great people.”

Are you still involved in sports today?

“Working out is the closest I get to a sport.”

If you have children, are they involved in sports?

“They’re too young. However, I plan to support them in any endeavor they choose.”

How did sports affect your life?

“In March 2003, I was a young infantry squad leader. I led an eight-man team during the initial phases of the Iraq War. As one can imagine, we endured some tough times. But during that time, I had coach Jeff Richey in my head, as he pushed me beyond my own limits during summer strength training. It was there I learned to never give up.”

Do you have any advice for kids about getting involved in sports?

“In life, there is no second-place trophy. You need to go all out 100 percent of the time. That could be in the sports arena or the classroom. You will fail. Everyone does. However, it is what you do after you fail that will make you a success or failure. I live my life with the words of Teddy Roosevelt’s ‘The Man in the Arena’ speech in my head. I suggest you read it, as well.”

Do you have any hobbies?

“Not yet, but I look forward to the time I can have hobbies.”

Do you have a favorite sports team?

Indianapolis Indians

Do you have a favorite athlete?

“Pete Rose. He taught me to play the game all out.”