Sigma Problem Solving results released

The national results of the five-round Sigma Problem Solving Math Contest recently were released.

Seymour Middle School seventh-grader Braden Handloser placed fourth in the state and was awarded a national bronze medal for tying for 53rd place out of 15,000 participating seventh-graders. This placed him in the top 99.6 percent nationally.

Each round has eight non-routine problems written for gifted and talented middle school students.

The top individual scores for Seymour eighth-graders were recorded by Daniel Leland, first; Josh Turzillo, second; Emma Ramp, third; and Faith Guinn, fourth.

The top scores for Seymour seventh-graders were recorded by Handloser, first; Jacob Bowman, second; and Collin Kinney and Aiden Goen, who tied for third.

For sixth-graders, top scorers were recorded by Cameron Cox, first; Zachary Thompson, second; Bryce Miller, third; and Cody Ruble, fourth.

Seymour Middle School has been competing in this contest for more than 35 years.

More than 42,000 middle school students throughout the United States participate in this competition each year. In the past 17 years, 16 Seymour Middle School students have won national awards in Sigma.