Tri Kapp announces charity euchre winners

Tri Kappa charity euchre winners for January have been announced.

They are Jerry and Elinor Brown and Ora Boxman and Mary Lou Stockamp, tied; Lu Ann Fisher and Vicki McKain; Norma Pollert and Mary Lou Stockamp; Kenny and Vicki McKain; Tom and Marcia Snyder; Betty Chastain and Marcia Snyder; Doug and Joan Nichols; Marilyn Stuckwisch and Grace Stuckwisch; Melissa Reutter and Kim Darlage; Lisa Fleming and Shari Schmidt; Montie and Barb Prince; Roy and Joyce Stuckwisch; and Melba Darlage and Marilyn Darlage.

Charity euchre is a fundraiser for Gamma Phi chapter of Tri Kappa, also known as Kappa Kappa Kappa.