10 is going to be the magic number for making local calls

Tribune staff reports

he implementation of 10-digit dialing in the 812 area code will begin Feb. 7 — more than a year after it was announced.

The mandatory dialing period has been established to help customers prepare for the addition of the 930 area code to southern Indiana. The 930 area code will be implemented March 7.

Once mandatory dialing begins, customers will be required to press the area code, along with the seven-digit phone number, when making calls within the 812 area code. That includes calls to someone across the street or in

the southern portion of

the state.

In anticipation of the mandatory dialing period, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission is urging customers to begin practicing 10-digit dialing.

They also need to check with any alarm service providers or providers of other services that use the telephone network to ensure the customer’s equipment is capable of using 10 digits and to update pertinent medical records, business materials, personal contacts and pet I.D. tags with all

10 digits of their phone numbers.

Earlier this year, the regulatory commission delayed the start date for mandatory 10-digit dialing after it became aware of concerns regarding the ability of critical segments of the business community and telecommunications providers to prepare for the switch to mandatory dialing, specifically those serving the medical and law enforcement industry.

The new 930 area code initially was to have been implemented in October.

It’s the first major change in the 812 area code since it was put in service Jan. 1, 1947, shortly after the end of World War II.

This change came about because the supply of available 812 telephone numbers is expected to run out during the second quarter of 2015.

For information, visit in.gov/iurc.